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It's good to see more competition in this space. I wonder if WizRocket handles the difference between events and users any better than Mixpanel. That's always been a sore spot for me.
@jscheel We'd be happy to show you a demo. We let you engage with app users based on any combinations of their actions and profile data. Do write to us at demo@wizrocket.com and we'll get arrange for a live demo.
@jscheel I'm with you on that MP gripe ;)
@msarlitt @jscheel can you guys explain the gripe more specifically?
@srikrishnang @jscheel heh, do you have an hour? We wasted months dealing with MP's quirks. For example, some of the analysis tools work on profile data, while other analysis tools work on event data. None of them let you combine that data in meaningful ways. So instead, you resort to storing "first time a specific event was fired" properties on users, etc. If you don't get your data right the first time, modifying it is nearly impossible. The ui has a lot of issues with hiding properties, etc. We ended up meeting with MP at their offices, just to figure out how to use it well. They resorted to changing filters in the url params, because their UI was too broken to manage the filters properly. They are focusing on mobile now, at the detriment of other platforms, to the extent that new features only work on mobile. I could go on, but I just get riled up.
@jscheel every player in the analytics space is evolving into mobile marketing automation, and all of them are in a "Work-In-Progress" state. As a customer it is just about believing one of them will eventually do well and sticking with them - unless you want to use a combination of tools. which one do you use now?
Engage your users with timely, relevant and actionable notifications across mobile, web and email.See combined user actions from multiple devices. Get rich profiles with demographic data, historical interactions, campaign visits and transaction history. Experience real-time people analytics. Get funnel reports, view retention cohorts, do user segmentation, assess campaign effectiveness, get mobile metrics and more.Create rule-based messaging to reach users via in-app messages, push notifications, email and web notifications based on their profile data and prior actions.