a tool for PMs to organize feature requests

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Adam Sewall
@asewall · Marketing, Wizeline
We've made a ton of product updates since the last comment, so I thought I’d post a quick comment to (re)introduce Wizeline. In brief, Wizeline is a platform that’s purpose-built for driving smarter product management decisions. We make it easy to: +Understand what customers/users want — and what they’ll pay for +Use data to prioritize intelligently +Commun… See more
Jason Evanish
@evanish · Founder GetLighthouse.com for managers
I like the idea of closing the loop on measuring the results of features you launch, but always find feature request lists a waste of time; a giant icebox (if you're in pivotal) just seems to clutter up a product process when really...if it's important you'll keep hearing it from different sources. What you really want above all though is PROBLEMS, not FEAT… See more
Adam Sewall
@asewall · Marketing, Wizeline
Brief product update... We just announced the release of Wizeline Starter, a free version of the platform that allows product managers to: +Create and share visual roadmaps +Automatically route & manage feature requests +Use surveys to get stakeholder feedback +Adopt a data-driven approach to release planning & prioritization +Track development pro… See more
Adam Kazwell
@kaz · Product manager/observer
@Evanish +1