AI assistant to schedule all your meetings in seconds.

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WizCal is an intelligent meeting scheduling assistant that is integrated into google and outlook calendar and is also available on iOS. It is designed to provide an end to end scheduling experience for your internal(company) and external meetings. WizCal automates the task of finding a time and room for your meetings by coming up with ranked suggestions. It looks at several factors (some of which are learnt) to suggest a time that works for your group. For example, the suggestions account for: • Multiple time zones • Suggest meeting rooms (supported for O365) • Finding least disruptive time slots in case of busy calendars.
Okay. I cut some of my chrome extensions to make room for this one. @Wiz_Cal @kwdinc @devengarg @harshku17 @real_dhodu @manojgupta_t @sharadgarg
@elizabethhunker Thanks. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback on the product. You can also reach us at info@wizcal.me. We have a few short videos (http://www.wizcal.me/videos.html) on how to use WizCal.
Thank you, Kevin @kwdinc for the hunt and your comments on the product. I am Amit, Co-founder of WizCal. We are super excited to be launched on Product Hunt. We started WizCal to address the frustration we had with our dysfunctional calendars. This not only impacted individual effectiveness but also had an impact on scheduling meetings for critical decisions in a timely manner. WizCal’s mission is to enable people and teams to accomplish more by using AI to orchestrate calendars. Looking forward to feedback from the community.
Great solution. Typical example of scaling through Network effects . The more people have ,the better it gets,May be explore developing an extension via Slack app/Platform Bot to really increase productivity in the enterprise
@protik_m @devengarg @sharadgarg @wiz_cal @real_dhodu Thanks for noticing WizCal and your comments. We are working on Slack app/Platform Bot. You might have noticed, WizCal provides x-company, x-platform, x-devices meeting scheduling service using AI.
I have been using WizCal for awhile now, great app, solves many of today's very frustrating meeting scheduling issues.
@hrservices01 Thank you Heather. Please feel free to send us feedback if some things you would like to see added.