Simple Google Adwords tool for small budgets

#2 Product of the DayNovember 08, 2015
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I hunted this because there just aren't good enough tools to help the SMB without the budget, knowledge and manpower. What's the story of Wizadz formation and why did you decide to focus on those who can't handle the many levels of Adwords on their own?
@yoavvilner, the Wizadz formation is one of the tricks we have up our sleeves ;) We created. what we believe, is the easiest to understand & analyse formation. It was made in mind of people who don't have any experience with marketing platforms. As for why we decided to focus on people without the budget, knowledge and manpower, during years of managing the marketing activities for our clients we came across dozens of people who could afford to have a pro manage their Adwords marketing, ether that or their budget low enough that the management commission was 50% or even higher of it. Obviously their next step was to try and do it by themselves, every marketing platform (especially Adwords) has a lot of "money spending traps" which you need to look out from, so they simply burned through their budgets really fast and without generating any results. We've decided to put a stop to that so we created Wizadz. (and we thought it would make a really cool startup)
Interesting... need to check this out :)
@philipkushmaro , please do :) We would love the feedback
Today I was spending a few minutes on producthunt, like most mornings. Next I was going to look into setting up an adwords account... Really happy to come across this and plan to check it out!
@ryanloper that works our perfectly :) Can't wait to hearing your feedback
looks interesting. Should help start-ups a lot!
@thekakkad Thanks Ronak, We're happy to hear that! Making Wizadz Ideal for Startups is a big part of our mission, the plan is to add more marketing channels, such as Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads, in order to give Mobile apps developers even a wider solution.
@levy_josef Yes, a single place for all ads would be a great solution! Looking forward to that as well :) Good luck!
This seems really interesting. Will probably give it a try soon :).
@_sergeh Thanks Serge! We're looking forward to hear your feedback!