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Hi PH, i'm one of the people behind Wittycircle. We launched a few hours ago and your feedback would be much appreciated! Need someone to code, to design to sell or to help you develop your idea? Want to discover products or projects you could work on? We built this platform for you.
@qvrr looks great! Nice job! Consider reaching out to college campuses.
Neat! Looking forward to seeing the community grow. It's just too bad that the "hello, we need you" overlay completely prevents from exploring the content.
@the_minh you can click outside the banner to make it disappear, it won't come back. We're testing how users react for now.
Love the design ! How soon will the 'work' tool be ready ?
@olivier_hln when I finish my drink!
@olivier_hln jk. Probably 2017
Alright nice ...just bookmarked your site. Love it already.
I guess the platform can be used to get feedback on a idea..
@basictechy Exactly. You got it right ;) Create a project and ask for feedback in the "Community" tab.