Synchronize and prioritize your team's tasks day after day

WittyCat is a SaaS created for companies using teleworking for the first time. The algorithm priorities and focus you on the 3 important tasks. Also, each team member can see wether a task is due, ongoing or done.
Don't feel overwhelmed by your task anymore!
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Hi Product Hunt! I am Marceline and I have created this tasks management SaaS with @jeje_jyc @timothee_mohr et @pauline_chaa ! The lastest events exposed some issues for companies that goes from working all together at the office to working all together but in separate places. Why have we chosen to focus on tasks management ? Some studies show that 30% of companies that are new to teleworking faced difficulties in communication and a lack of efficiency in task management. 
And based on our personal experiences we have concluded too that we can quickly be lost in all the tasks we have to do and sometimes it can be difficult to communicate about it or to know how to prioritize them. 
The main issue is that there employees are more frustrated and are less performant. 
Moreover, task management SaaS market represented in 2019 : 3 Billion USD and will represent 6.3 Billion USD in 2026. 
This is why we imagine a SaaS that makes it easier for the team to see how each one of them is progressing and detect when there someone is facing a problem.
 It helps the team to stay in touch all together, maintain their self-confidence, keep everyone motivated and supportive to each other. Therefore, as a manager, you can easily maintain a strong bond with every team member. Everybody can add task to anyone throughout the day and each member is able to give a task to another person. The bonus is that every time a task is done, your cat will get some treats ! We would be glad to have your feedbacks and advices on www.wittycat.work !
This product is awesome. Love it. Thanks for making it available! :)
@axelgeneve thank you for your feedback !
An useful tool with a nice design which helps working as a team and saving time! Awesome!
Claire PicheyreI am a french photographer
I just tried this tool and I love the way it works. Really useful for coordinating teamwork and complex projects, with various protagonists. I really like his elegant interface and simplicity. It's easily to use it even though I'm not very good at it!
Pauline Chauvet
Business Developer
@claire_picheyre Thank you for your feedback !
I just tried wittycat and it's peacefull and easy to understand and use. How do you choose the three important tasks and how can i be sure to not missing an important one ?
@gildas_hery hello thank for your feedback. WittyCat algorithm is using the Fibonacci rules to classify the importance of the tasks. So when you are assigning a tasks the due date, the complexity level and the importance level will determine the priority. So the three important tasks you will see, are the highest scored tasks. To see the next tasks you have to finish the first tasks.
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