Find people to do sports & activities together

Hi, product hunters! We are proud to tell you about WITHME app. It has never been as easy to find partner for sports, hobby or active recreation as #withwithme. Our users create events and build teams, travel and discover something new every day. Join us and do what you want, hit new limits #withwithme. We hope you’ll find some time to download withme from AppStore or Google Play and tell us what you think about what we’ve been working on.
I've seen several startups try this already, and almost bought one of them, but all seem to have failed to achieve scale. What makes Withme different? How do you plan to get to a big enough scale locally that installing and using Withme feels "worth it" to users?
@dereksilva sorry for late answer. Our main difference is "non-place idea" and freedom in application. You can create your own event any place, any country in any language. That will be more clear if you will install application! What about enough users - thats why we are here, at producthunt:) Thanks for your message!