Withings Home

An elegant HD camera with environmental sensors

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Kevin Henry
Kevin HenryHiring@kevinleehenry · Founder, Accountable & Bolster
This could be really good, but it looks like it doesn't have night vision (a must for monitoring babies). I have yet to find a video monitor that I'm satisfied with yet, they all seem to lag behind major tech by a few years.
Greg Gilbert
Greg GilbertHunter@gregoiregilbert · I make products and run companies.
@KevinLeeHenry Well observed!
Hrishi Mittal
Hrishi Mittal@hrishio · Founder, Learnetto.com
@KevinLeeHenry yes, exactly. That's the first thing I looked for too :)
Kevin Cohen
Kevin CohenMaker@kevinc0h · Co-Founders & CEO at BlueBoard
@kevinleehenry Hi Kevin, for the record the Withings Home features night vision. The product also embeds an IR mechanical filter for a good color rendering in daytime.
Edward Tadros
Edward Tadros@edthegr8 · Proticom, Mavenn
I've had it since about a month after it came out. The camera is very well built and it has an Apple/Nest feel to it's packaging. But my only gripe is the reliability of the service. Life feed is choppy and non-existent at times. I've had numerous outages using it. It's a great concept, and hopefully they'll get the service behind it to function. If not, then at least they can get it to work locally through your intranet without touching their servers.