Next Generation Workforce Management

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Brandon MayU
Brandon MayUMaker@brandonmayu
Hello, Product Hunt community, we are WithAttend and we focus on workforce management! Our app that is deployed to employees phones effortlessly keeps track of their hours and is reported to management for payroll purposes. A key feature of our service is employee privacy! Unlike other companies we DONT use GPS so employees can rest assured that we will never track them when they leave work! Want a demo? Email Sales@WithAttend.com !
Ethan Moore
Ethan Moore@ethansvlogs · CEO
Hello Brandon, this is a very cool product. Can mangers access the dashboard from more devices rather then just a computer?
Brandon MayU
Brandon MayUMaker@brandonmayu
@ethansvlogs Hi Ethan, managers can access the dashboard on any device that is connected to the internet via the web browser.
katalena@katalenax · Designer
Sweet product! How does this work from the employees point of view?
Brandon MayU
Brandon MayUMaker@brandonmayu
@katalenax Great question, each company will send a personalized text message to each one of their employees, from there employees will be able to install the app and check in/out of work and have the hours be forwarded to management for payroll purposes