With Jack

Business insurance on a first name basis

Almost 50% of freelancers will be stung by a bad client. With Jack provides an insurance policy that protects them financially and legally if that happens, freeing them up to focus on the important stuff.

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Hi, everyone. I'm the 'maker' behind Jack. Since Jack was last hunted I've become an Appointed Representative through the Financial Conduct Authority, teamed up with a couple of UK insurers and have built a conversational quote system for freelancers. Soon enough we'll be developing this into a system that can give instant quotes and cover online, but it's baby steps. Working on an insurance start-up is challenging :-) Thanks for checking out Jack!
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@iamashley the design of your website is refreshing! Love how personal it feels. Well done! 💯
@iamashley Do you only cover the UK? What countries do you offer this insurance in?
@geoffreywiseman We can insure businesses in the UK and Ireland. Would love to expand… one day.
@iamashley Ah well. If you ever expand to Canada, look me up. ;)
@iamashley Congrats on the launch! Super exciting, lots to fix in business insurance!
Can Jack insure freelancers in the US? or is it UK only?
@tompark_io UK / Ireland only, sorry :(
Congrats on the launch @iamashley! Super happy to see you featured on PH. You've been working for a while on this project, defeating one by one the obstacles that come with creating this kind of businesses. Congratulation! Can you tell us about the specific problem that you solve with Jack? Also, you have a great story building this. Mind sharing it with us? The genesis and the obstacle you ran into?
@gregoiregilbert Thanks, Greg! I've been in the industry for over a decade and noticed there are no insurers serving freelancers. Freelancers are overlooked by insurers because it's still considered a small market, even though it's growing. Because of this, freelancers don't have much information about why they need business insurance, therefore they overlook it. This upsets me because they are just as vulnerable as more traditional businesses. How many freelancers do you know that have run into problems with unpaid invoices and crappy clients? A lot. What I want to do with Jack is tailor the experience specifically to freelancers. Provide content that educates them as to why they need business insurance, offer a customer journey that's designed for them and makes it easy to get a quote, provide a policy that will cover them for what they need, then top it off with customer benefits that are relevant to freelancers. My story spans 11 years when I inherited my Dad's property insurance business at the age of 18. I taught myself a bit of code and really got into design. It was through doing that I realised how much the technology and design (amongst other things) in the insurance space sucks. It's taken me this long to launch Jack because I come from an unconventional background. I inherited a business instead of working my way up in a traditional insurance firm. I don't have industry qualifications or even a University degree. Because of that, I may seem a bit of an edge case in the insurance industry and many insurers weren't keen to take a chance on working with me. I'm glad I persevered.
Hey @iamashley! Just looked at the site - love the illustration style. I think it accomplishes exactly what you want: approachability and friendliness. However, as a business owner, I'm left with the "So what?" factor. I see it show up in the FAQs, but basically nowhere else - why should I get business insurance? Why do I even need it? As someone who has been advised to get business insurance, I see there may be some value. However, with the current site I don't see any real need or real explanation of consequences if I don't get business insurance. My worry with the "friendly" approach is that you'll shy away from detailing the imminent consequences of going uninsured. Could you elaborate on your current direction and perhaps why you've chosen this direction? Thanks & congrats on the launch!
@prestonattebery Hello! Thanks for the comment and checking out Jack. I agree with you. There is still a lot of work to be done on how to communicate the benefits of insurance without resorting to fear tactics. I'm learning every day how to better communicate with freelancers and what their pains / confusions are regarding insurance. I'm working on creating landing pages for specific industries. Web design, web development etc, and using them to address the problems that exist for that field and explaining why insurance is the solution. It's frustrating having just started out and not having the data to back examples up. For example, I can't say "The most common reason for claims towards graphic designers is X". As time passes I'll be able to build better data from that and hone my message. It's definitely something I need to work on.
@iamashley Not sure of your design situation, but if you want to start working on some alternate landing pages with slightly different messaging, I'd love to begin some A/B testing! You can email me for details: pa@designcue.co
Big ❤️ for the visual design!