With her - Ep 1: "Hi, Hillary"

The first episode of Hillary Clinton's podcast series

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Where's the downvote button?
@skywinston That's exactly what I was thinking.
@skywinston This years elections are completely 💩, seriously. Hillary (an opportunistic corrupt politician) or Donald (a total inexperienced childish idiot), I think I'd go with Jill Stein.
@samuelpolat @skywinston I'm very interested in Jill Stein's ideas and think I'll vote for her. However, I'm also quite fond of William Weld (VP of libertarian party, who appears to be pragmatic, big thinker and an honest politician) and want to see how they do in the debates.
Hillary's campaign seems to be launching something new every week. They released a site poking fun at Trump, an official mobile app for supporters, and now a podcast series.
@rrhoover It's because Hillary's team actually understands the internet!
@rrhoover perhaps we'll see a Veep style reality show next. 🤔
@rrhoover Pretty easy to do when you have 50+ engineers in your tech team. Overkill much? haha
This team continues to impress with how they've embraced and utilized technology. One can only hope that the eagerness continues beyond the election and into our government. Very nice/personal episode, including her morning routine, which I always love hearing about from those with crazy obligations.
#HillaryForPrison #JillNotHill
I'm currently working for the Hillary campaign and am a podcast fanatic, so I've been looking forward to this! I didn't help make it but am loving it so far!!