WiTag is smartphone laser tag. Go anywhere (the park, the beach, or even a mountain) and play laser tag with your friends. You don’t need any external equipment; all you need is a smartphone.

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Hello Product Hunt! I am an 18 year old software developer and hardware engineer, and pitched on Planet of the Apps episode 8. It's so exciting to be sharing WiTag with you here on Product Hunt. WiTag is a smartphone laser tag game requiring no external hardware. By utilizing the sensors and radios found in modern smartphones, WiTag creates a seamless laser tag experience requiring only you, your phone, and your friends. Please let me know what you think! Thanks!
@tomthecarrot I just saw WiTag on Planet of the Apps, Thomas. It looks great. Kudos on the launch. I cannot wait to see it hit Android.
@arunsathiya Thank you! We're working on the Android version :)
@tomthecarrot hey can we be friends
I met @tomthecarrot at the Planet of the Apps x Product Hunt meetup in LA last year as he was developing the app. Awesome to see him on the show and live with WiTag. 👏🏼 What was it like be on the show?
Saw this last night on Planet of the Apps. Cool idea and wish you the best.
As a lasertag gamer I appreciate the idea, the only main issue that I would experience is the need of an strong cover for the device in order to avoid break if you fall down. Are you planning to add any ARKit support any soon? Ps. Curiosity are you checking the damage according the position the shoot is received? E.g. using bounding boxes?
@ghego20 AR support should be in the works, now that he mentioned it on the Planet of the Apps show.
@ghego20 @arunsathiya yes! We have an ARKit version of WiTag already developed and functional, which improves the game to pinpoint accuracy! It's an amazing experience. We'll be among the first apps using ARKit at iOS 11 launch!
@tomthecarrot hey I just downloaded witag it app
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