Wit.ai Bot Engine (Beta)

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Aio Chen Aio
Aio Chen Aio@aio · Software Engineer
I really love the concept and design of this bot platform. A lot of fun, a lot of possibility.
Connor Gallic
Connor Gallic@connor_gallic · Freelance
Just started looking into creating bots and this seems like a great tool!
Sam Wight
Sam Wight@samwightt
This is really great! The ability to give examples of conversations and let the bot figure out how to approach it is really awesome and will save people a lot of time.
Udara Jay
Udara Jay@ujzeee · Founder @ alcamy.org
Been using this! Great tool! – Hoping to use it a lot in the future! @blandw Do you impose a rate limit on api calls?
Laurent Landowski
Laurent LandowskiHunter@lololando · Co-founder, wit.ai
Harris Karim
Harris Karim@hk_chic · Co-Founder of Tiki
Yeah, I've been using this since this last night - really intuitive and a great tool to help facilitate bot creation. Can't wait to really dig into the details of what can be done!