Wistia Channels

Embeddable Netflix-like video gallery

Embed a full-screen viewing experience with multiple videos into any existing web page. No subdomains, No ads, and No additional development required.

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Hi Product Hunt! Super excited about Wistia Channels, which we see as the first step towards providing a product suite that supports businesses creating episodic video content. It's meant to maximize watch time and consumption, providing a distraction-free alternative to a YouTube channel which can provide value for any part of a company's website. If you sign-up for Wistia today (for free - https://wistia.com/account/signup) you can try out test drive Wistia Channels for the integrations page in app. Please get at the team with any questions or feedback!
@philnottingham this is awesome! Definitely solves a problem I've been thinking about. You may have a new customer :-D
@philnottingham This is awesome. Signed up for an account. but not able to test this feature. could you help with that please?
@philnottingham @nithinrj Sending you a message!
@dohertyjf Delighted to hear it!
Wish we had this about 60 days ago for one of our custom built channel pages. May just switch on over to this. Well done @brendan and co.
@tarekp Thanks! Sorry this wasn't around when you built your channel. I feel the same way for our One, Ten, One Hundred series -- had to build that custom. Hit me up with feedback when you give it a try. This is just the start for this feature!
Awesome addition! Valuable to bring all video in one or more channels!
I would LOVE to see @Wistia consolidate all of the content from their makers into a single, searchable place to take over YouTube! If a maker wants it to appear on the larger platform they could opt in per video or project or account.
@wistia @automateiq Hey Chris, love this. Curious what you don't like about YouTube and think we'd be able to do better?
This is great stuff Wistia team. This was so needed and I always wondered why it wasn't there yet. Now it is!