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Wispberry is an iOS platform that lets you review and share photos and videos so that others can benefit from your experiences. Whether it's eating at a restaurant, shopping for clothes, or playing with electronics, express your appreciations or vent your frustrations and inform the community on your experiences.

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Jason Kim
I build iOS apps.
Hello, Good People of Product Hunt! My name is Jason and I built Wispberry. Wispberry was created in response to the way we utilize reviews today. That is, we go down a deep rabbit hole of reviews, only to be influenced (and possibly misled) by the majority in the decisions that we make. And, in doing so, we become safe with our choices but miss out on experiences determined by our fear and passion. For example, how many restaurants have you skipped because those restaurants had only two-, three-, or four-stars? I hate how this is the way we are using reviews used, albeit I am definitely guilty of this. But, with Wispberry, I hope to give users the opportunity to see the freshest reviews around them, be informed succinctly, and take a little risk in deciding their next experience. I hope you enjoy the app!
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Lyondhur PicciarelliT&R Innovation HCI Industrial Designer
Not available in New Zealand.