Easiest way to create a mobile employee handbook

@alenagamolko and @verareshetina - so you re-did the app, site and added features!!! Can you tell us what you have been working on in the last 7 months and how did you prioritise what to add/re-do?
@bentossell For the past 6-7 months we've been working on the complete redesign and new features for WISP. Before that we collected a lot of feedback from our amazing beta-users, analyzed it, and planned the future changes and additions. We added the following functions to the admin panel: - import/export of contacts in bulk, - managing access to content with tags, -removing contacts, - visualization of the app in the online editor, - adjusting color of the admin panel and apps. We also added some features to the apps: - corporate messenger, - comments for the news, -push notifications, -iPad version In addition to iOS and Android versions of WISP app we created one for Windows 10 Mobile users. So, that's that.