Easiest way to create a mobile employee handbook .

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WISP is a SaaS solution providing companies with customizable employee handbook applications. Everything you need for new employee onboarding, company policy communication, team contact book creation and news sharing in one app.
@kwdinc Thanks for sharing WISP! May I also add that the solution is in free public beta now, and it will always be free for all beta-testers.
@kwdinc it's not sending registration email
An alternative to Wisp with a very similar feature set would be http://eyo.net
What a great idea! I feel like most companies don't put this together out of laziness, but can imagine how much it would help with getting new hires in the know. A simple app containing all the important info makes total sense.
@kristofertm Kris, thanks a lot for your feedback! One of the solution's functions is indeed to help new employees' adaptation, but it actually works both ways. New employees learn what's what and adapt to a new work environment, and current employees get info about their new collegues immediately after they've been hired. Moreover, the following is what the app can assist all the company's employees with - finding who's responsible for what, making a quick call or writting a letter to any colleague from your mobile phone without spending much time on looking for their contact info, learning the latest company news the moment something happens, finding a policy article to resolve a disagreement. We've launched a free public beta version to get as much feedback as possible and improve WISP. You are most certainly welcome to sign up for the service for it will stay free for all the beta-testers forerver :)
One particularly solid use case (esp. for beginning the case for a web or self-hosted app) would be for B2B orgs that work with firms in regulated industries or work within regulated spaces. Certain industries require extensive auditing of vendors and want to see every piece of documentation from onboarding to training & on. This would also be incredibly useful for startups who don't have HR in-office, or really any type of HR. Being able to see company policies and smoothly onboard employees is super important and something that *can be* taken for granted at early-stage companies. :)