"The Social Wish List" – Share wishes with family & friends.

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Just in time for me to get in my Xmas list :) - @waymoby can you give us some background here ?
Indeed @bentossell. Wishylist is a free iPhone App and Private Social Network for writing and sharing your wishes with your nearest & dearest. The idea is that any time you think of anything you want or need, be it for Christmas or anything, if you just add it to Wishylist you will never forget or loose track of the things you want when someone asks you. And if your friends and family have the app too, then they'll be able to see your lists and never even have to ask you. This is the MVP now in public beta, and our vision is to build a platform for people to record wishes from any device in anyway they want, from websites to high street shops. And of course we want to enable people to share their lists through social media soon. Wishes don't have to be gifts, they can be anything – climbing a mountain; seeing a mountain; being a mountain. We're heading to #SLUSH15 next week to meet investors, if anyone will be there, we'd love to make some good friends abroad!