Make wishes happen—no duplicates & always a surprise!

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I'm very excited about this wishlist app because, as I tried to convey in the tagline, it has a very unique value proposition: unlike most wish lists where your items are public, the recipient can't see what's being bought for them, but the gift givers can, in order not to double up on the gifts. It's a small thing, but it's the first one I've seen do it and it makes all the difference! That, and it's a really pretty app.
We are very chuffed to be here on Product Hunt! Thank you, comments or questions are welcome. We launched in June this year and have been full steam with development running up to Christmas. Our user base is from all over the world, but mainly USA and UK. Wisher is a free social gifting platform that makes giving super easy. It enables people to give and receive what they want through their curated visual wish lists shared all year round. You can add anything from anywhere to your Wisher, no matter how big or small, by snapping, scanning or adding products and experiences from the online world. It’s all stored on the cloud for your friends and family to access and grant the perfect gift for you every time. We are solving the problem of unwanted gifts. In the UK, we sit on £2.4bn of unwanted gifts and after Christmas, £200m worth of gifts are put back onto eBay the very next day when everybody floods the site to get rid of stuff they don’t want. It’s a real shame as people give gifts that aren’t wanted or needed. Our USP is that every wish granted by others remains a surprise until given so that excited feeling around receiving a gift is never lost. We ensure plenty of surprises all the time. Wisher also works like a gift registry as it shows users what gifts have already been granted and solves the problem of duplicate gifting. Our platform is also mobile so you can make wishes anywhere with your magical “mobile wish wand” ensuring you never forget about that cool product you’ve seen. Wishes are geo-tagged and together with iBeacon technology it alerts users if their friends and family want something in a store close by.
I never thought that there is an app to fulfil your wishes. I never thought that there is an app to give you surprises. I am truly excited about this app as I am big lover of surprises.
@ankitthakor14 Great stuff! We've researched the most important things about gifting for months. The surprise element is key for both the Giver and the Receiver, as it makes that moment when you open your gift SO MUCH BETTER :)
This looks very interesting. Main use case would be for holiday parties or secret santa within friends?
@mrtampham It's perfect for spontaneous gifting too!Wisher's purpose it to bring giving back by making it super easy for people to know what to give. You can upload your wishes all year round for friends and family to access and buy for you.
@mrtampham Thank you!