Wishbone iOS App

Comparing social content as part of your morning routine.

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I like "would you rather" questions. Especially the ones that turn into lengthy debates and game theory. Downloading now...
Thanks @rrhoover ! Adding debate functionality to Wishbone is definitely in the plans. Appreciate the feedback.
@ahuie - what was the initial use case or idea that birthed (weird, word choice, I know) Wishbone?
@rrhoover Users today like to answer questions, have a more limited attention span, and tend to use certain apps at the same time every day. So, we built around this to give folks a fun and snackable format to vote on interesting comparisons. We've been lucky to have a sticky community, where they look forward to the content that gets refreshed each morning....it's habit forming.
@ahuie I like the fun approach you're taking with Wishbone. There have been a few other 'this or that' apps, but it seems like they focused on having your friends help you make a decision.
Our top 3 user requests are: Android version (coming our soon!), a version for just guys, and to get more than 12 questions a day. What else you would like to see? Ask me anything...
Nice idea. I wanted to do a This or That app for dating in the way that OK Cupid does the matching questions. But this is pretty much the same thing.