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What's neat about this product is twofold: (1) you can download the iOS and Android app to save plans for offline use, with each containing detailed information and (2) each plan has route-by-route mapping between each point of interest.
@daveambrose Thanks for the comment! :) We do our best to provide good service. The app is going to be updated soon :) please keep an eye on our website.
They've been around for about a year - has something changed in the offering?
@AnujAdhiya Doesn't necessarily have to be a new product to be posted on @ProductHunt.
Thank you all! :-) We strive to provide great service so that planning a trip is easy and fun! Also it's easy to share other people's plans. You can customize it and edit it to what you need. Planning a trip will never be boring! Please keep an eye on our website! www.wishbeen.com We're going to update our app soon. :-)
Thanks all!