Shopping made fun

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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
The signup wall is aggressive, prompting me to login before seeing what the product does. I wonder if this has been tested.
Bala S.
Find Traction For Your Startup.
@rrhoover - They recently turned down a $10 billion all-cash offer from Amazon - bit.ly/1QEfvYn
Josue RobertoTurning minds forward
Okay, I also thought the signup wall is kind of aggressive and closed the window. Then, I read the article below and it picked my curiosity. I read the article and went straight to the signup wall and hit the Facebook button. They are right, the site features lots of cheap stuff but they are also unnecessary stuff. Spinners, fidget sppiners, masks and stuff like that. I'll be checking the site in a regular basis and if I find something worth to buy I'll let you know.