Get 1on1 advice from someone that's done what you wanna do

Hey hunters! My name is Dawson, I'm the founder of @wisewordsco. Let me know if you have any questions about the platform :) 64% of the U.S. workforce (88.9M) said they weren't happy at work. We're trying to make everyone happy at work (and in life). We're honored to have 500+ advisors on the platform that've joined us on our mission.
really neat idea @dawsonwhitfield - a few q's: 1) what's the incentive for the advisors? how do you make sure it's worth their while so it's more than just the goodness of their hearts? 2) what's your go to market strategy? 3) how are you monetizing?
Awesome questions @eriktorenberg. 1. A big incentive is gifts. After Advisors give advice, they get a gift (Starbucks gift cards, "World's Best Mentor" mug, etc.). Another one is the feeling you get after making a difference in someones life - it's pretty magical. 2. We're laser-focusing on creative careers and expanding to all careers on a rolling basis, targeting the supply (advisors) side first. 3. We take 20% off the top of the call fee, so seekers pay $12 for a $10 gift to give the advisor.
@dawsonwhitfield Reminds me a lot of www.watchado.com (which is more interest/career matching)
Looks interesting @dawsonwhitfield. How is this different from Clarity.fm? More focused on personal development vs company advice?
@natedesmond you're exactly right. Clarity is great for expert business advice. We're focused on well-meaning mentoring vs. high priced consulting :)
Interesting. It reminds me of Everwise but much more open. The reason why I liked the concept of Everwise is that you are actually getting a mentor that you build a relationship with. I am not sure how well a person can get to know you and give you really good advice from a one off meeting. Talking to a lot of people is good but having real mentors is really important.
@jpatil Agree. This might be a better tool to find a person that could eventually become a mentor. Perhaps a feature could be tools to help w/ maintaining and cultivating the relationship?
@jpatil completely agree. We find that jumping into a mentoring relationship, or even trying to find a mentor is a big 'task' and can be a little daunting. On the other hand, reaching out to someone for a one-off call will satisfy your immediate concerns (graduating, finding a job, etc.) and if you have chemistry with your advisor, transitioning to a mentorship relationship is a lot more natural I think.
@santoshsankar oh hells yeah. I feel like so little people really know how to cultivate an awesome mentor relationship that they either try unsuccessfully or don't try at all. Removing that barrier would be huge.
I think this is awesome. One thought and a couple ?s - Would be cool to have an "I want to do [this]" section (similar to the "I have [done this]" to power some kind of suggestion system (likely already thought through for a future iteration). I feel like many of those that are unhappy want to make a transition and likely already speak in terms of "I want to do X but am unsure how to go about it." 1) Is there any guarantee that the advisor one seeks and selects will respond back? Like @eriktorenberg asked, is there an incentive to respond/advise? 2) Are response times in a matter of hours or days? Assume many of these people are quite busy. How are expectations around timing managed?
@santoshsankar awesome idea. We actually started with only that 'I want to do [this] section' and found that the advisors were the ones doing the work of finding people that needed their advice, when they felt that the people who wanted their advice should be finding them. But yeah maybe as we grow our supply, we can allow people to just lay out what they want and we'll do the work in finding relevant advisors. It's so crazy the amount of Google searches that are simply people outlining what they want, just like your example. 1. There's no guarantee an advisor will respond, but we've never encountered that problem as we manage connections on the site very closely. Eventually I want to implement something like Airbnb wherein the hosts' response time is public and very important. 2. When scheduling a call, we default the date/time suggestions to the next 1,2,3 hours respectively. Though, we need to implement SMS notifications as there usually isn't enough time for the advisor to respond if they just get an email.
@dawsonwhitfield, this looks great. I have two questions 1) what insights have you gained as to how mentees are making the most use out of conversations with mentors? 2) how do you inform users about these best practices? - i.e. content marketing, email onboarding campaigns, etc.
@dfmorse23 great questions! 1. We find that it's usually best to take 5-10 minutes before the call to jot down some questions. To really get the most out of the call, we've even seen people spending time to outline their higher level results they want from the call (ie. make sure I can use the answers to plan the next 6 months of my career transition). Another big one is to have the right expectations and knowing that you're having a conversation about their experience and you should take everything with a grain of salt. 2. We have a Guidelines section that lays out our best practices pretty well. We definitely need to do a better job at putting these practices infront of users so as to ensure expectations are 100% aligned. Our guidelines: https://www.wisewords.co/guideli...