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Nathaniel Emodi
Nathaniel Emodi@natemodi · Brooklyn GM, Caviar
Thanks for the question, @gillianim. We made Curator for people at large companies and firms delivering news-heavy services — PR, comms, marketing, strategy, legal, consulting etc. — that need to curate and get news around on a regular (if not daily) basis. Often it takes 1-2+ hours to properly format and package those emails, which is a huge pain. With Curator, that is all automated, which is saving people at some of our busier clients 10+ hours a week. That said, we'd love to offer the PH community a 50% discount today — please email us at sales@getwiser.com if you're interested.
Peter Boyce
Peter BoyceHunter@badboyboyce · Rough Draft Ventures
Super easy way to curate a daily / weekly newsletter. Takes hassle out of formatting etc to get straight to links & commentary.
Gillian Morris
Gillian MorrisHiring@gillianim · CEO, Hitlist
@badboyboyce looks interesting but the price point is quite high - how many people have enough pain to justify $200/month for something like this (and that's the basic package??)
Sandeep Ayyappan
Sandeep AyyappanMaker@sayyappan · CEO at Wiser
@badboyboyce @gillianim I'd also like to note that Wiser's Curator layer is built on top of a best-in-class news intelligence engine. We do the newsletter building in addition to monitoring the industries, companies, and people our clients need to track.
Tiffany Zhong
Tiffany Zhong@tzhongg · @ZebraIQ (gen z), ex Product Hunt
Nice copy in the example photo on the right ;)
Tom Weingarten
Tom WeingartenMaker@tomweingarten · TLM @Google & co-host @testtubenyc
@tzhongg Hope you liked the cat's accessories
Amol Sarva
Amol Sarva@amol · Halo, Knotable, Knotel, Peek, Virgin Mob