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Thanks for the question, @gillianim. We made Curator for people at large companies and firms delivering news-heavy services — PR, comms, marketing, strategy, legal, consulting etc. — that need to curate and get news around on a regular (if not daily) basis. Often it takes 1-2+ hours to properly format and package those emails, which is a huge pain. With Curator, that is all automated, which is saving people at some of our busier clients 10+ hours a week. That said, we'd love to offer the PH community a 50% discount today — please email us at sales@getwiser.com if you're interested.
Super easy way to curate a daily / weekly newsletter. Takes hassle out of formatting etc to get straight to links & commentary.
@badboyboyce looks interesting but the price point is quite high - how many people have enough pain to justify $200/month for something like this (and that's the basic package??)
@badboyboyce @gillianim I'd also like to note that Wiser's Curator layer is built on top of a best-in-class news intelligence engine. We do the newsletter building in addition to monitoring the industries, companies, and people our clients need to track.
Nice copy in the example photo on the right ;)
@tzhongg Hope you liked the cat's accessories