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Simply Upload your podcast to Wisecast and publish on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and YouTube with our audio to video tools. Wisecast will help you grow your listener base by predicting where your next downloads will come from using machine learning.
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Very excited to launch Wisecast and see podcasting grow with AI driven predictions on downloads, saving marketers a lot of money :) The audio to video tool will allow seamless distribution on YouTube and Vimeo to help with growth as well. Some of the core features of our podcasting platform are as follows: - podcasts hosted on a high performance CDN - beautiful embeddable audio player - custom website hosting for podcasts, including free SSL certs and custom domain hosting - predictive and advanced analytics dashboard - video tool to publish on YouTube/Vimeo
@robsandhu Hi Rob, congratulations for Wisecast. What audio to video tool are you using? Is it a 3rd party tool or you have created it?
@rahulvats Thanks Rahul! We are building on top of the great open source tool, FFMPEG. https://www.wisecast.fm/blog/sha...
This looks like it will be a game changer for podcasters.
@ammen can you explain your perspective?
Really Amazing! Thanks Rob
Excited to check this out
Wait, so what does the AI do? How does AI predict the number of podcast downloads? Is there a paper I could look at?
@chrismessina Hi Chris, the number of downloads are not a feature we predict, but the location, time of day, client app etc. using an unsupervised machine learning algorithm.