Wisdom Curated

A stash of personal development tools and resources.

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Hey guys, For the last few weeks I've been asking tons of people for recommendations and foraging across the web, looking for the best books, articles, videos, courses, and tools on the metaskills we'd all like to improve (from EQ to anti-procrastination strategies). The result is a @bramk inspired stash; Wisdom Curated. A few months ago I tried to do something similar, but by creating roadmaps for learning about different topics (from physics to philosophy). That didn't go too well as I didn't ship. Pretty happy to ship this time ++ I've learnt a ton from the resources/guides I came across. If anyone has any Qs on any of the topics, I'm not an expert but I'd love to see if I could refer you to a specific resource in the stash. Cheers, Krish :) One more thing: I'm thinking of extracting the lessons from this and trying to sequence them into actionable steps, taught by a bot. Would anyone be interested in that?
@krishaan_khubchand You need to stop adding emails to your subscription list without permission. I don't think PH would be happy about it when they know that you send emails to product hunters without permission.
Hey @faisal_hassanx, Everyone on the email list has come from one of two sources: 1. They signed up to the landing page which I shared w/BetaList 2. A few months ago, I flirted with idea of a similar curation and shared another landing page, which also had some subscribers, whom I integrated to the list (I obviously asked if they were interested and they could unsub if not). I can assure you that I haven't added anyone onto my email-list without their permission, cuz that would be pretty counterintuitive. Also, I've searched for your name on the list and I can't find it, so I'm not sure why you're receiving any emails from me; sorry anyways :)
@krishaan_khubchand I unsubscribed. And no, I did NOT sign up for this. I wouldn't comment this if I did. I tried contacting you by email but you did not respond.
This is a good place for people who are looking to start off with Personal Development. Would love a podcast associated with this.
This is important and very useful, thanks for creating -:)