Answer expert questions and earn in your free time

Answer expert questions and earn in your free time. Fill out your profile, receive questions from businesses that need your help and get rewarded - all from your phone. It's certainly more productive than browsing Instagram
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Hi there PH, I'm the founder of Wisdom, a better way to consult in your spare time. I often find myself browsing Twitter when idling on my phone or even answering cheap surveys from Google Opinion Rewards - kind of a waste of time. It struck me that there wasn't really an easy way for knowledge workers like engineers, PMs, etc to monetize their downtime with all the valuable knowledge they have, even though there are people out there willing to pay for it. I built Wisdom to let experts with highly sought after knowledge help businesses in their own time and earn a reward in the process. If you want to answer questions and earn, just download Wisdom on the App Store or Google Play. If you need help and want to ask questions to Series A startup founders, Directors at Google, AI experts and more, sign up at getwisdomapp.com/business and ask away. It's a great tool for customer discovery, diligence and tactical advice.
Looks super cool, great work @parthi_logan ! Definitely a better way to spend downtime on your phone than social media.
Been using this for the past few weeks and I've answered a good amount of questions and even hopped on a few calls. The app is very intuitive and makes it extremely convenient to answer on the go.
Looks great, can’t wait to start providing wisdom :)
this is really cool, especially the easy way to make some money on the side with little effort! nice job.