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Wirize is the fastest way to start accepting card payments online. No code or website required!

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Hey Hunters 👋 We are very thrilled for this chance to be shown on PH today. Along with @pacovitiello, we were struggling to find a simple solution to collect client payments faster. Traditional solutions like bank wires, Paypal, TransferWise etc.. are worthy for large payments, but very time-consuming for the small ones (payer registrations, account verifications etc..). We just wanted a simple way to get paid in a few clicks, in this is why we came up with the idea of Wirize. Wirize is built on Stripe, and it allows freelancers to collect card payments, without the need for a website. Unlike many invoicing tools, Wirize is payment-centric, so you’re not going to buy another subscription-based service, just to get paid. Here’s a highlight of some of Wirze’s best features so far: - 2- minute set-up (no code) - Unlimited one-time payments for FREE - Transaction status (via dashboard) - No payer registration - Cheaper than traditional services for small international payments Thank you all for your amazing support, and please feel free to share your comments, product reviews, and feedback.
@davidepacilio thanks! I guess I’d have to get a stripe account too. :)
@stefamini You can do it via Wirize! 2-minute flow :)
@pacovitiello Congrats for the launch team 🚀 Nice service 👍🏻 It feels well executed and easy to use. However, like you said this kind of solution works only for small deals, it seems difficult as a freelancer to use this kind of platform in the long term. I've been thinking to use Stripe since a long time ago, but the 1.4 to 3% fees feel huge next to a wire transfer. Also, I would suggest to be more transparent about the fees on your landing page, to let everyone know without clicking on a semi-visible link to go to the Stripe website.
@pacovitiello @antoineplu Thank you for the nice words. Yes, as you pointed out a tool like Wirize isn't competitive for large payments, and within domestic markets: SEPA, ACH etc.. are very cheap and fast for no-international transfers. Our role is definitely as an alternative to a specific niche of transactions: medium-small international payments! For example, if you require up to $1000, a tool like Wirize can be a lot cheaper than a traditional bank wire. Regarding the transparency: We're still defining our pricing model, and actually, the tool is Free! Overall you're right, we're going to improve this part. Thank you again for your comment! 😉
Great job!! 😊 Could we use it for Indian Payments or is it restricted to certain countries?
Thank you @ayush_chandra! Isn't actually, but it will be available soon!
Sounds awesome! Is this available for USA only? Do you have a list of countries that can use this? Also, How does the money come to us once the client pays?
@stefamini thank you for asking. Actually, Wirize is available in 25 countries: here is the full list: https://stripe.com/global In terms of payouts, when you receive a payment, the amount goes to your Stripe account first, then the latter transfers the funds into your bank account. In few words, it's the standard Stripe procedure :) Do you've more questions? Cheers
Very nice and easy to use payments for individuals :) However, using the new payment request API could make this even more user-friendly for the payers. Any plans to integrate this in the future?
@lassesoi Thank you for asking. Actually, we're planning different new features, and the one you've reported is definitively interesting for the next release. Please let me know if you've more questions.
Is this an escrow capable system?