Turn any web page into a wireframe in one click

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Really interesting concept. I can see how this would prove useful in web design, especially when trying to learn and replicate popular layouts. What are your future plans? Also, my only criticism is that your website closely resembles the styles I equate to older pop-up advertisements.
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I agree with @nick_wesley, a great product, but an updated design has the possibility to completely revolutionize your user retention
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Good point @nick_wesley, attractive visuals are very important to attracting and retaining prospective users. I can think of countless examples where I've liked using a product/service, but the unattractive or confusing UI led me to search for alternatives.
@nick_wesley agreed. I almost closed the page immediately because of the aesthetic. Good tool wrapped in a very dated, unattractive package.
@nick_wesley 3 years later, this comment is still valid. This website claims "Copyright © 2010-2017" which is out of date, but who cares about that. This web design wasn't even current in 2010! Here's a screenshot from today.
Clever design tool. In the Pro version you can export wireframes to Visio, OmniGraffle and Balsamiq or to SVG's.
h/t HN for this find.
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@rrhoover might come in handy, indeed. Shoutout to my m*therf*ck*** thieves out there 🙌🏾
Going from website to wireframe seems unintuitive. But thinking about it, this seems like a really useful tool. I can see UI/UX designers using Wirify as a way to simplify and understand website flows. I can also see budding front-ends using the wireframes to prototype layouts for practice without getting side-tracked by details.
Cool! Here is Grow.com (not as pretty) -
Looks good but there no trial to test it.
@oleg_avrah It's a bookmarklet that's completely free to use. Not only that... it's a 6 year old service. :-P