Wiretap allows you to leave and watch time-stamped comments on any show on Netflix, which creates a social layer perfect for these Corona times.
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There are a bunch of tools for co-watching now (e.g. Netflix Party, Vemos, Showgoers) but I like the design approach Wiretap's taking. Side note: Will Netflix ever invest in making its service more social? It feels like a missed opportunity although I can see it being a distraction.
@rrhoover I've heard that services like Netflix have been part of hack competitions internally but I think they look at the viewing experience as something that shouldn't be improved upon save for stream quality.
Thank you @tomwilliams and hello Hunters and Makers! I'm Gary, the founder of Wiretap and I’m excited to tell you about it! My team and I built Wiretap because, as we all know, watching streaming TV can be lonely, but scheduling a watch party with friends is a hassle, even in these times. Agreeing on what to watch, figuring out schedules, etc. Why wait? Wiretap takes an evergreen approach to social comments by tagging them to the timeline of the show and algo-sorting the most relevant and popular comments to the viewer as they watch. Bloggers, podcasters, cast and crew are encouraged to add commentary because they know their content is sought after by viewers. Netflix Producers get to secure their viewership and give them a reason to keep watching. Friends are encouraged to comment as well because their friends will not miss their comments. The experience of seeing commentary from people you know and value makes watching unique and enjoyable. No more waiting. We're built for the long haul. Wiretap is a social platform for Netflix-watching that will continue to get better over time. Any questions or feedback? I’d love to hear from you!
Well done, @gary_stuart! I've found watching shows on Netflix with Wiretap felt akin to turning on directors commentary as community members would occasionally include notes on cast and set background (as well as the occasional Reddit-esque commentary). I appreciate how this addition makes the viewing experience more fun without really compromising the regular streaming experience. What are future plans?
Thanks @jtcchan! So much planned. Easier discovery of what others have commented on and enjoy. Conversation enablers. Guest stars..
This is a product I've wanted for a long time. Back in the DVD era, I would re-watch my favourite DVD's with the Directors Commentary and Wiretap would be incredible with cast & crew. That said, I've watched several shows with Wiretap with comments from random community members that made the show far more enjoyable with Wiretap.
Very cool! I think watching documentaries on Netflix with Wiretap on will be very interesting. Can you speak more about how comments from Friends will be seen before comments from Non-Friends? Are Friends existing relationships in Facebook or Linkedin etc, or are they designated as friends within Wiretap?
@richard_lau3 Great question. Yes, existing connections on Twitter and Facebook are brought in with you. You can also choose to follow someone in Wiretap. Both of those types of connections have higher priority over stranger comments when they occupy the same timestamp area in a show. Cheers!
Very cool, love the concept and the design! I'm always a bit behind on getting hooked on a series, so I like that I'll be seeing comments from friends regardless of when they watched it and still feel like we're watching it together.