Crowdsourced WiFi passwords for everyone 📶

Wirepool is a Crowdsourced WiFi passwords for everyone 📶. Share the WiFi password, speed and location with others. The map view shows your location and a red circle with a 10km radius around you and every WiFi in that range will be automatically stored.

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Hey Product Hunters! I made a new app called Wirepool. Here's the problem I had, and my solution: Problem ☠️: The problem is that every time I travel to a new place it's hard to find a reliable WiFi to work or to make a call. And even when you go to a cafe, you need to waste a couple munites waving 👋🏻asking for the password and you are not sure if it's good or not. You would have to move to another place because the WiFi sucks. Solution 🛠: Wirepool shows you a map with all the WiFi networks around you, shared by other users. You can see each one's speed, password, save the whole area offline and move around and connect whenever you need to 😎. Wirepool is a crowdsourced WiFi passwords. Whatever WiFi you are connected to in a cafe, restaurant or airport. You can share the password so others can use it as well. The map view shows your location and a red circle with a 10km radius around you and every WiFi in that range will be automatically stored so you can connect to later if you need to. P.S: For web, mobile & windows coming soon! Let me know what you think!
Hello @jamalmashal, this is quite interesting! I am sure a lot of us could use something like this. Mainly the ones traveling often or working at coffee shops. How do you plan to avoid someone from sharing a WiFi that's suppose to remain private?
Thanks @guillaumebardet. Good question, I was thinking of it as well. I don't think there is a way to guarantee that 100% for the simple reason that if anyone wants to share a password they can simply copy & paste anywhere. For Wirepool I'm working on a report/rating system I will add which could help, but I'm always open for help and suggestions :)
Great idea @jamalmashal! I've been searching for an app like this many times before and nothing that I've found really worked. Well, let me rephrase that, they often do work, but when I can't find any available networks nearby, I abandon the app again. So in order to succeed (imho), it all comes down to having the most extensive database of them all. Without data, no users. But without users, no data either. So how are you planning on getting started? Because this seems like a big hurdle to take. With this in mind, I would expect you to launch a webapp first, so you will be able to reach the most users from the get-go. Why focus on OSX instead?
@metaminds your points are totally valid. Regarding the Data VS Users paradox, I was just discussing this with a friend and I'm trying to collect other sources to seed the app with an not rely solely on users. If you have any plz lmk :) Regarding "why app first" and you may or may not agree with me. I think the app is just a good infrastructure to start with. With web, users will mostly forget or won't share any WiFi they connect to. But with the app sending notifications asking the user to share the WiFi the DB will grow faster and more . So Web app is my next step with all the data I'm trying to collect. :D What do you think?
@jamalmashal that could work! You should reach out to active nomads, and people into the van life. I am sure many would be happy to help. You could also try to work with directories. I've come across a few to help you find a parking for an RV or things along those lines. They could refer your app to get access the wifi's near-by :)
Yes. Just what I need as a nomad. Thanks!

I find it really average that it's mandatory to give you my email.


Greay idea


Mandatory subscription to updates newsletter

Now this is something I could use :)
@whiletrueeat Thanks .. waiting for your feedback :)
Simple and useful app. Congrats!
@naping Thanks, hope you like using it. Let me know if you have any feedback!