Wired In

Wireless Productivity Sign With Arduino & HomeKit

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This is a cool product! Anyone know how many teams have used it so far? What are results like?
(Maker here) We've had about 5 full teams use the signs, and individuals on about 10 more teams use them. Tanner Labs was the biggest test team. It's a R&D dev shop in Salt Lake. They have 27 developers and designers. They all have custom signs and everyone loves and uses the sign in a slightly different way, but it works well for them. Ring7 was another huge one. They picked up 20 signs. They are a contracting dev shop. Ring 7 is planning for on hiring 15 more developers, and wanted to make sure they had signs before the devs arrived because the sign usage has become so ingrained in their team culture. They also created a custom sign with their logo as the R in Wired In.
Super cool. They look awesome in person.