Winston Privacy

Protect your browsing from spying & identity theft

Winston scrambles, encrypts, and anonymizes your home internet activity.

One Winston protects your computer, tablet, phone and all your smart devices on your home network.

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We are flattered to be featured by Product Hunt! Thanks for the coverage. We're going to be slammed the next few days as we're meeting with NBC, CBS and a number of other outlets who are covering our launch at CES 2019 but we'll try to answer any questions as quick as we can.
@winstonprivacy Any chance you'd provide a small discount code for us Product Hunters who are considering purchasing your hardware?
@magnuson Ask and ye shall receive. Here's $20 off.
@winstonprivacy Super appreciated! Thank you very much.
Are any of the makers on here? I'd love to learn more about this, and comparable products. I've got kids in my house who are beginning to use electronic devices, and while I can lock down everything I own fairly effectively, I'd be interested in a solution for the entire home.
@andreasduess There's lots on our website but happy to chat further.
@andreasduess as someone who was a "kid" until fairly recently, please keep in mind that it's the worst feeling when "grown ups" try to censor your world and lock you out of things. But I don't think this product is supposed to do that anyway. It seems like a privacy VPN + adblock built into a piece of hardware that covers the whole house.
@anna_0x We are agnostic on what sites should or should not be allowed in the home, so the user can block whatever they choose to. We even offer some interesting optional choices, such as our "Boycott Facebook" and "Anti-Windows 10 Telemetry" modules. The point is that the choice now becomes the user's, rather than being made for them by some faceless tech behemoth. Winston isn't a VPN. Rather, Winston is an anonymizer designed around the Telegraph/Signal distributed model, in which no logging or monitoring of the network is possible (even by us). Ad blocking is a beneficial side effect but there are a number of other things we haven't talked about much yet, such as our AI cookie filtering and anti-browser fingerprinting features. We'll have a lot to say about that soon.
@winstonprivacy sounds nice, good luck :)
@anna_0x @winstonprivacy The idea is not that I don't trust my kids, the idea is to prevent anybody to build a profile on them. I run my own laptops and mobile devices rather tightly locked down, with both ad and tracking blockers installed as default. I'd be very interested in a device that secures my entire house that way, keeping unwanted trackers firmly on the outside.
I would love to find out more about this from someone who works for Winston.
@bengreenwood Happy to answer any questions you might have, Ben!
I'm in the engineering trial. It works, and I like it. Recommended. Glad to see it on here. It's not like a VPN; things are actually a little faster when Winston is on because all the tracking and ad crap is removed so there's less bloat to deal with. Some surfing things break when you're anonymized of course, like local restaurant results, but there is a bypass button for that, so you can deal with it. It says it's built on Ethereum which is true... it's using the Ethereum P2P stack but not the higher level components built on top of it, such as blockchain or smart contracts, which is how it works as a privacy device and still can be built on Ethereum. There are several creative engineering angles involved like that, which make this worth looking into if you want to nerd out on preventing how you're tracked online. It's well done. The production models look really cool, too, but my engineering trial version doesn't have the casing all the production models have.
@accordingtogenec Thanks, Rob! It's been awesome having you in the engineering trial!
@accordingtogenec question - if I wanted to deploy a VPN to access geofenced content in, say, Europe, is this still possible? Or is it one or the other?
@accordingtogenec @andreasduess Yes, you can still use a VPN in conjunction with Winston. When the VPN is active, it will bypass Winston's features though (which is kind of the point of a VPN). We have been considering adding content unblocking to our roadmap and it would be great to hear more about your particular use case.
@winstonprivacy Right now, I use a VPN primarily for privacy reasons - tunnelbear, headquartered here in Toronto - and secondarily to unblock geofenced content. In order of importance, it's about 70/30.

Ad blocking is pretty thorough.


unlike a VPN, it stops tracking thoroughly, and it's not slow, either


currently you have to put it between your modem and router, so it won't work with an all-in-one router/modem combo