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Talk about a 1 stop shop of keyboards. It's still very slow switching between keyboards which makes me limit what I have on my phone to 2 or 3 additional. Many provide a cool feature or 2, but it becomes too annoying to file through them all and get back to the original. This I can see being one I keep b/c it's not single feature. Plus, Giphy is one of the others I use often which is inside this ;)
@kristofertm I completely agree with you Kris. If they can cover the fun stuff that Apple won't, then this could be the one 3rd party keyboard that I use.
Very cool, love the Spotify integration. I usually copy the track link and then paste into a text when I want to share a song but this is a lot simpler. Also really like the design. One thought I had was about the split between the keyboard and the regular app (say it's Messages). I wish I could see a little bit more content from whatever I'm searching. Not sure if there's a limit on the max height of custom keyboards but if I'd decided to search Yelp for a restaurant, I don't need the context of the conversation above, I just want to see the most information possible from Yelp to find it more easily.
Awesome product, congrats Rich. I love Giphy shuffle - found myself just tapping it over and over again for fun.