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Kristofer™Hunter@kristofertm · #6 Product Hunter. E-Skateboard fanatic
Talk about a 1 stop shop of keyboards. It's still very slow switching between keyboards which makes me limit what I have on my phone to 2 or 3 additional. Many provide a cool feature or 2, but it becomes too annoying to file through them all and get back to the original. This I can see being one I keep b/c it's not single feature. Plus, Giphy is one of the others I use often which is inside this ;)
Simon B
Simon B@siburb · iOS developer
@kristofertm I completely agree with you Kris. If they can cover the fun stuff that Apple won't, then this could be the one 3rd party keyboard that I use.
Rich McAteer
Rich McAteerMaker@richmcateer · iOS Developer at Slash Keyboard
@kristofertm Thanks so much for posting Winston! I really like the tagline "your everything keyboard" and I totally agree that with Apple's current implementation of third party keyboards, it becomes cumbersome to keep more than a couple keyboards in your rotation. I think with iOS keyboards instead of the mantra being "there's an app for that," the most useful keyboards will be those that act as platforms with lots of functionality. Thanks again!
Rich McAteer
Rich McAteerMaker@richmcateer · iOS Developer at Slash Keyboard
Hey PH! Winston is an app I’ve been developing for about five months now. The ultimate goal of Winston is to help you have great conversations. The idea is that you can quickly pull up Winston in your keyboard when you want to send a Yelp location, gif, photo, song, contact, your location, and more and then switch back to your default keyboard and continue typing. It’s almost like having a bunch of mini apps in your keyboard, each one for sharing a specific type of information or media. The exciting thing about keyboards is that they work in all messaging and social networking apps. This means you get a consistent experience across apps instead of searching for features in a messaging app or leaving the conversation and switching apps to track down the information you want. I’m continuing to add and refine features, but I felt that the current list was a good set for a first release. I’d love to get your thoughts and feedback!
Sean Acres
Sean AcresHiring@seanacres · VP of Product @ Rabbit
Very cool, love the Spotify integration. I usually copy the track link and then paste into a text when I want to share a song but this is a lot simpler. Also really like the design. One thought I had was about the split between the keyboard and the regular app (say it's Messages). I wish I could see a little bit more content from whatever I'm searching. Not sure if there's a limit on the max height of custom keyboards but if I'd decided to search Yelp for a restaurant, I don't need the context of the conversation above, I just want to see the most information possible from Yelp to find it more easily.
nick barr
nick barr@nsbarr · exploring open problems in learning
Awesome product, congrats Rich. I love Giphy shuffle - found myself just tapping it over and over again for fun.
Cem Kozinoglu
Cem Kozinoglu@cemkozinoglu · Director of Mobile @Giphy
^^ @nsbarr +1