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The antidote to information overload. Winno rethinks the news experience from the ground up. We create one place to go for all the latest developments to top stories, posted live. Facts only – no opinion, judgment, commentary or clickbait. Only what matters.
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Hello Product Hunt! Taking a break from Stanford to work on this. Most news does not stand alone but is instead part of some larger ongoing story or narrative – think 2020 race, Hong Kong protests, China trade war, Trump investigations, immigration, etc. But today we're mostly left connecting the dots ourselves. It's hard to understand what's actually happening in the world when relying on headlines, snippets and reactions filtered through social feed algorithms or aggregators. It's overwhelming and inefficient. Our mission is to help people understand the world better. Winno is an app built around a new format for news. For top stories, we create one place to go to get all of the latest and best information (a "feed"). Users can follow the feeds that interest them to keep track of new updates. We post the facts – actual developments, not opinion or commentary. As short summaries, quotes, embedded tweets, images or videos. No junk or clickbait. Only what matters. And each update includes a link to a full article so you can dive deeper. By shrinking the unit of news from article to fact, we can present primary sources and quotes without opinion mixed in. We can comprehensively cover a story in real-time and be clear, engaging and objective. And because our approach is disciplined and feeds are finite, Winno lets people easily feel 100% up-to-date at the end of the day. Not like there's always more to wade through. The feed format is versatile and works well for both breaking news events and longer, ongoing topics. We are covering most significant national and international stories now, but looking to expand and build out a team of curators/analysts. Would eventually like to cover more specialized topics, i.e. #san-francisco, #crypto, companies, sports teams, etc. More examples on the landing page. Curious if anyone has feedback, questions or ideas. Thank you!
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@nickrubin how is this different than the mission of Axios? How do you efficiently fact check?
@nickrubin @chrismessina Yeah it's all well and good to be objective, but that doesn't mean neutral. Like how far does no opinion go? Not taking a side on climate change? Antivaxxers? Trump getting caught in a lie again?
@chrismessina Our missions and values definitely align. Although our implementations are very different. By building a self-contained app with discrete “feeds” for each story, we can do things that Axios can’t. It's much easier to follow and understand a story when getting all updates in one place. We can let users customize exactly which stories they want to follow. We can be more interactive. And we can be more comprehensive. A lot of the best coverage of the Hong Kong protests is in Reuters, AP, SCMP because they have correspondents on the ground. A lot of the best coverage of U.S. government is in Politico and The Hill. Our feed format and bird’s-eye view means we can present a much fuller picture by plucking the best coverage from wherever it appears. Re efficiently fact checking, we have built a smart dashboard system that flags for us all coverage of a story/topic in real-time from across the web. This makes it pretty straightforward to watch for new information and fact check by cross-referencing many sources. When possible/relevant we will post primary sources directly.
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It looks great, will there be a android version in the future?
Love this, kinda wish I didn’t have to get redirected to browser in a new tab because I already can’t keep my tabs straight. Overall, love the design and so much easier to have all the best news sources synthesized. I went to China for a week and couldn’t access ANY news in America for the most part and when I got back Winnow helped me catch up in like less than 1hr.
Winno is one of the few products to completely change the way I do something. I've been beta-testing Winno for a while and it's become my go-to for keeping up with current affairs. In-app news updates are concise, informative and objective. Plus, the UI makes following the news genuinely fun. When I feel I'm out of touch with a story, Winno lets me get up-to-date quickly. Awesome stuff. Congrats on the launch, Nick and Rohan!
Love the UI. Looks like a streamlined way to follow the stories I'm interested in.
@lachlankirkwood Thanks Lachlan!