Winning with Data

Practical handbook on how to leverage data in your company

Winning with Data is a playbook for how the best companies leverage data to maintain their competitive advantage. My colleague @ttunguz co-authored this book with Frank Bien, CEO of Looker, by interviewing top startups in their industries including Uber, Warby Parker, Hubspot, and Zendesk, uncovering answers to questions such as how and when to build a data team, how to get employees answers they need quickly, and the biggest mistakes companies make with their data and how to resolve them. Every founder and leader within a company can find insights in here. Definitely a worthwhile read for anyone looking to leverage data in how they run their team or company.
@rsarver Awesome. The timing is auspicious as we are just getting to a point where we are starting to dive into the numbers in greater detail as we iterate and evolve our product. Already love the @ttunguz blog, so can't wait to dig into this.
@ttunguz there are so many differing opinions about data -- what to measure, how to measure, definitions of metrics, etc. What's the most controversial part of the book?
Thanks for sharing @rsarver. I can't think of better people to write a book on this topic. I'll have to check it out.
Did not find the value I was expecting in this book. It seemed like a summary of the other popular startup / management books, so I wasn't sure who was this book targeted to. Another thing that was slightly disconcerting, and something that I probably should have researched before starting the book, was that it was co-authored by a solution provider in the BI space (Looker) so it was not going to be as objective as I'd hoped it would. Other solutions like Tableau, Periscope & Mode help operationalize data as well, was expecting a more neutral perspective.