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Ankur NagpalΒ β€” Founder, Teachable
Good job @tylerwinklevoss - what data source(s) are you guys pulling from to make this the most accurate BTC price?
Tyler WinklevossΒ β€” Winklevoss Capital
@ankurnagpal currently we pull data in from bitstamp, bitfinex, btce, campbx and localbtc, however, the WinkDex price is calculated from the top 3 of these exchanges by volume which at the moment are bitstamp, bitfinex and btce
Derek MinterΒ β€” @PurseIO, Prev Founder at Honeybadgr
@ankurnagpal @tylerwinklevoss It's a beauty. looks like main difference is that price is tied to "actual transaction data" (vs ask/bid data). Was there a break thru in reaching that data? would've assumed actual transaction data was accessible all along.
Tyler WinklevossΒ β€” Winklevoss Capital
@derekminter @ankurnagpal Thanks! Precisely, we calculate price from what things actually trade at rather than the mid-point of the bid/ask spread. If you want more details on our formula, you can find them here
Tyler WinklevossΒ β€” Winklevoss Capital
Really excited about our iOS8 app launch, would love to hear everyone's feedback on how we can improve and add to the experience!
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