WinkDex iOS App

WinkDex provides the most accurate price of bitcoin.

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Good job @tylerwinklevoss - what data source(s) are you guys pulling from to make this the most accurate BTC price?
@ankurnagpal currently we pull data in from bitstamp, bitfinex, btce, campbx and localbtc, however, the WinkDex price is calculated from the top 3 of these exchanges by volume which at the moment are bitstamp, bitfinex and btce
@ankurnagpal @tylerwinklevoss It's a beauty. looks like main difference is that price is tied to "actual transaction data" (vs ask/bid data). Was there a break thru in reaching that data? would've assumed actual transaction data was accessible all along.
@derekminter @ankurnagpal Thanks! Precisely, we calculate price from what things actually trade at rather than the mid-point of the bid/ask spread. If you want more details on our formula, you can find them here
Really excited about our iOS8 app launch, would love to hear everyone's feedback on how we can improve and add to the experience!
cc'ing @percival, @adamdraper, and @amlg23 who may be interested :)
@eriktorenberg @percival @adamdraper @amlg23 sounds good! happy to answer any questions ;)
Looking good and congrats on the release. For these apps I like to see an alert feature that sends a push when certain price thresholds are crossed.
@Percival thanks! yep, we hear you, that's next in the pipeline ;)
@tylerwinklevoss @Percival Sounds good. Also really liked the chart overlays to compare exchange prices over time.