One app to control and monitor all your connected devices.

It's a super cool idea (and seems it comes from GE? That's really cool), but do they even have products available? Can I connect it to other products? Their site needs a lot more explanation. And I'd love it to connect to Nest and other smart tools. Basically a remote control for life. But all in all, I'm intrigued!
@dohertyjf Sub-brand of Quirky with partnerships including GE and Home Depot. For now, seems like Wink, Nest, Apple Homekit all using different standards. Internet of Things is one area where all standards really need to be open. Hopefully Quirky has market power, capital, and relationships, to do that.
@eric3000 Gotcha thanks Eric, that makes a lot of sense. I'd also be hopeful that Quirky could do it, but it seems that up against two juggernauts like Apple, they're just going to be the bridge. We both know that Apple and Google historically have built walled gardens, not collaborative environments!
This looks like a great product and I went to check it on the app store. I was met with discourse over the app's poor production. It's a good idea, but at the moment the product's app is not well built.
Curious about what's powering the app underneath (for connecting to the devices). Some open-source OS for Internet of Things like Contiki or TinyOS? Maybe bare-bones Linux with some custom changes made by Quirky?
Really great one. Easy to setup and control interfaces. Nice artwork.