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Soren WindingMaker@sorenwinding · Founder, WingzOn
Hey product hunt! We’re thrilled to be featured and a big thanks @KatManalac for the support! We actually went live with WingzOn a week ago. Our platform curates the six best music video releases every day on one clean page for users to view, rate, review and predict the future hit potential. The hit potential prediction is a gamification element wherein you predict the average rating given to each video by our users and thus its future ‘hit potential’. Users get points based on the accuracy of their prediction and are ranked in three user leaderboards of daily points, total accumulation and against their Facebook friends. We also compile user generate daily, weekly and monthly music video charts based on user ratings. We hope you guys like the site and I’ll be hanging out on PH along with @YukiHerdis and @_dahutch_ monitoring questions and comments you guys have. All feedback would be greatly appreciated!
Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
@sorenwinding Awesome... I struggle to find discover new music, tend to just leave beats1 radio on. Will try and check in here and see what I can discover 👀
Soren WindingMaker@sorenwinding · Founder, WingzOn
@bentossell Great. Let us know what you think Ben and we hope you find something new you like!
Brandon R.@optiquest21 · Technical Director
I'm kind of confused, How do you vote? Do you just hover over the 0-100 bar and just leave it there? Or do you click? I think there should be some kind of tutorial for new members to walk them through how to vote.
Soren WindingMaker@sorenwinding · Founder, WingzOn
@optiquest21 Thanks for the feedback! You vote by moving the rating bar from 0-100 and then clicking vote just above the bar. We are working on a new member tutorial right now, so you are spot on. Is there anything else that you think we should include in a new member tutorial?
Brandon R.@optiquest21 · Technical Director
@sorenwinding @optiquest21 Just basics of the site: How do I look through the videos? How do I vote? What do the different levels mean? What are WPs?
Brandon R.@optiquest21 · Technical Director
@sorenwinding @optiquest21 I actually just barley noticed the "How it works" button on the bottom right. Maybe for now while your working on the tutorial make that more prominent.