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Our software monitors millions of flight prices daily and emails you when prices are lowest. You’ll save $200-$500 on every flight you book.

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👋 Hey everyone Wings finds the lowest prices to places you want to travel. We monitor millions of flights every day and let you know when to buy. The idea for Wings was inspired by popular newsletter, Scott’s Cheap Flights. We’re big fans of Scott’s product, but as engineers we saw an opportunity to build a more personalized and efficient service with software. We also thought it would be easy! And admittedly, it’s been a lot harder than we thought. 😅 Getting access to reliable flight data and building a system to ingest millions of prices each day proved to be major challenges. But for us as engineers, building reliable marketing channels and getting our first paying customers was the hardest. Props to anyone who is getting out there and making every day 💪 We’ve had a blast building Wings and are glad we stuck with it. Over the last year, we challenged ourselves to build towards something unique in the travel space. After countless conversations with customers, we landed on a product that promises: 👩‍💻 Personalization Users can specify when and where they want to travel making our product less spammy and more relevant to our users. Instead of sending a single deal to all our subscribers, each user gets a different deal every day based on what they care about most. 🤖 Automation Because our system uses software to analyze flight prices, we can find more deals than human-powered services. We look at the prices millions of international flights daily - something that is hard to replicate with a team of human flight finders. 🔥 Deal frequency Because we find deals more efficiently than our competitors, we can send out more deals. Our free product sends about the same number of deals as comparable paid products. 🙏 Ease of use We link users directly to the itineraries that are cheapest, instead of requiring them to hunt down the deal themselves.
@gregnance thanks Greg!
@fscof Is it only for end users or you sell to corporates too ?
@shreyaa_ratra For now we only serve consumers. Feel free to DM me though, I'd be happy to discuss what you're looking for further
@fscof love the concept! How does this compare with Hitlist?
Congrats on the launch!!
@harowitzblack this gif 😍
@abadesi haha thanks! I'm working on a gif picker for product hunt
@harowitzblack Thanks Ben! If you signup, let us know if you have any feedback 🙏
When are you coming in Paris guys!?

Amped to recommend to friends!


Powerful fare-patrolling software = perfect purchase timing 👏👏


None if you like saving cash 🚀

app aims us residents only
@nikos_efthias1 Sadly yep, US only for now. London seems promising though! There's more nonstop international flights from London than just about anywhere else in the world.
@nikos_efthias1 @fscof I'd love if this was active in Sweden as well. Simplicity and functionality - just like Scandinavian design.
@coolastekatten Would love to open up Sweden! And that's high praise coming from a Swede - all credit goes to @arityzero, I do exactly zero percent of our design 😂