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Come and listen to a story 'bout a man named Jed Poor mountaineer barely kept his family fed... You know the rest he moved to Beverly Hills, had a hot niece and lived the VIP lifestyle. Well you can be Jed Clampet too. WingmanVIP™ is a start-up of five partners that all began five months ago when one of these partners approached his social media friends and asked for app ideas, after many entries "having a Wingman" jumped at him and he then built his team from the same platform, CyberDust. WingmanVIP™ is a VIP concierge service motivating and inspiring you to get where you need to get, in style like the VIP we were all born to be. At times, people can have a hard time making the right connections, meeting the right people, mixing and mingling with the opposite sex in social situations or even business networking, especially when they’re solo. When you’re with a someone who has your back and knows what you want, it’s hard not to feel more confident throughout the meeting, evening or event. Knowing you have a wingman makes you calmer and more relaxed in front of people, you may also want to get into the VIP areas, who better to take you there than your very own WingmanVIP on a Beer Budget. In the end, it's about feeling comfortable and secure in social situations. Are you ready for your WingmanVIP?
New Android versions are available and ready for Download right now at: Pilot App: Wingman APP:
We have just purged the backend of all the users from the last few days in an effort to clean up our encryption keys that remained from the previous app versions. If you wish to continue being a Wingman, Wingwoman and / or Pilot please. Use the updated apps (Android) and signup again. We apologize for deleting these accounts we take security very seriously and didn't want any old token sitting around for the sneaky tricksters to get ahold of and use against you, or us. Thank you for understanding.
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