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Hey Product Hunt, Let me get one thing straight: there are way too many CSS frameworks released every day. Most of them aren't that good, weighing heavy in file size to do simple tasks. Plus, you have to learn them. Wing aims to fix that, it has zero classes, instead, you learn by coding, Wing just styles everything for you. If you want to go a little advanced, you can learn the grid, which is as easy as learning 2 classes. Everything is hackable, you can customize colors, designs, anything. Just style an element in your CSS. Wing is very similar to Skeleton, which is amazing framework, but Wing is updated regularly, and provides more features. The best part? Wing does all of this in 4kb. To put that into perspective, Bootstrap is 88kb. I hope you guys enjoy, and feel free to leave any feedback :) EDIT: I wrote an article on rising to the top on Product Hunt
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@simplecooldude1 I was thinking to myself this looks just like Skeleton. Interesting as I enjoy skeleton a lot.
@joshenglish Yes, so did I, but it wasn't updated and I needed some more features, so I made Wing, cheers :)
Is the fullscreen menu on there site part of Wing?
@anodigital No, but if it were, Wing would have 200 extra lines of code, making it heavier ;)
This looks great! As a heads up, the "examples" option in your menu does not seem to be functioning. That might just be for me, but thought I should tell you.
@ggarnhart Thanks! I will be fixing that :)
Cool, I can't wait to try this out!
@margaret_hutchins Awesome, thanks! :)
Skeleton has been my go-to minimal css framework for nearly every project for years. But I agree, it is aging and hasn't been updated since Dec 2014. On the other hand, it's more or less rock solid. I think Wing could replace Skeleton as my default new project css framework, but only if you do keep it updated and keep up with PRs. Unfortunately, the only way to prove that is to diligently keep up with it and push out new releases every few months. So, keep it up! I starred the project along with almost 300 others, so we'll be watching!
@kiley0 Yeah, Skeleton is pretty solid, but hasn't been updated. Wing will keep being updated, PR's are accepted/closed within a day or two, issues are also responded to within a day or two. I always update Wing when there is a bug/issue with it. Thanks! I will keep updating!