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Hey Hunters, my name is Mike and I'm part of the team at Wine n Dine. This is our first time on Product Hunt and we're all super excited about it! Wine n Dine is a social discovery app totally focused on food. A few months ago we created a prototype after noticing that our friends still defaulted to one another to find great restaurants. Everyone seemed pretty frustrated by Yelp and were constantly taking screenshots and sharing photos of food from Instagram. So we built something simple and shared it with our friends to help solve the problem. Fast forward a few months and our beta group has shared recommendations at over 70,000 restaurants in 6,000 cities! We're super excited about the traction we're getting and we've built a pretty awesome team. We're working on some interesting and challenging things and would love to tell you all about it! Wine n Dine is completely dish centric and image based - it's all about the food. We believe that discovering amazing dishes leads you in the door of great restaurants, so we decided to focus our efforts on differentiating with the dish. It's the core of our product. We've got a few awesome features baked in like our "wanna try" button, explore page, dish search and a completely fresh take on menus. We came out of beta yesterday and we'd love any feedback the community has! I'm here to answer any questions you may have, so ask away! Thanks :)
Makes ordering *new* food super easy. See what meals people in your area are eating, and save the ones that look good for *easy* ordering later. Cool app that's gaining traction in NYC's foodie scene. https://techcrunch.com/2016/10/0...
This is an awesome product and I would definitely try it (if I had an iPhone). The website is beautiful but I actually had no idea that there was additional content until I accidentally scrolled as I was about to leave. I recommend adding an indicator like a bouncing arrow at the bottom.
Thanks @joejlam awesome advice, we'll definitely get that added! Android is on our radar and we'll keep you posted. Glad you're into what we're doing 😄
Great product. I've been a user for a bit and awesome seeing the growth & improvements. Will my 'wanna try's' be used to recommend future dishes? If so, when can I expect to start seeming some spot on reccs?
Thanks @dan_ratner ! The 'wanna try' section is big for us and people love it. We're working on some pretty rad stuff with that at the core...think Spotify Discover Weekly for food, dropped right into your 'wanna trys.' We're building taste profiles of our users, so the more someone posts and engages with the product, the more we can make really precise and spot on personalized recommendations. Plus, we're mining other portions of the product to pull as many relevant data points in as we possibly can. Look out for updates soon, it's a huge focus for us right now!
This is how food discovery should be. Yelp ratings are biased. The whole "I never go to a restaurant with less than 4 stars" is B.S. At every 3 star restaurant there's a very special dish that goes undiscovered. It's great that with Wine n Dine now the food is actually taking precedence in the dining experience. Well done!
@domjespo Thanks Dominic. You're spot on. Eating is an extremely visual experience - particularly to a food lover - and we don't believe sexy shots of dim-lite, empty restaurant does that justice. Beyond the obvious benefits of replacing reviews with photography, we also found that users only typically post dishes they like (4 stars or better). This, in turn, removes the burden of sifting through negativity and gives users the piece of mind that what they're seeing is worth trying.