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I got my first box a couple weeks ago, the red collection, and the wine is outstanding. Nothing I'd had before so the wife and I spent a couple days trying new bottles, which made for a couple really great at home date nights. The whole presentation is beautifully done, I highly recommend it.
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@michaelsacca Glad you had a great experience.
Looks great! I'd love to be able to purchase a subscription for some family members for the holidays. Is that a possibility? Just took a look through the site and couldn't find that option. I'll definitely be signing up.
@danielmatthews Thanks for checking it out. You can absolutely purchase subscriptions for family members/friends/colleagues/whoever, but we don't make that very intuitive. The best way to do it is to enter their shipping information during checkout. If you'd like to include a gift note, you can shoot us an email. Also, we don't offer the ability to pay a lump sum up front for a gift subscription just yet, but that is coming soon. Hope this helps!
This is also sort of a good time to shamelessly plug our gift (and corporate gift) packages - it's something we're awesome at.
I'm a wine beginner - how useful would something like this be to me? I do want to get into wine, perhaps something like this can be my gateway into the vineyards 🍇🍷
@bentossell That's a great question. Our wine clubs are great for beginners because they allow you to experience a wide variety of high quality, cutting edge wines from some of the country's best producers. You can think of it as a way to get many of the wines and styles that wine geeks are drinking, without having to do the research. On top of that, each shipment comes with great documentation and tasting notes on each wine, vineyard, and winemaker making it a great way to fast track your wine education. For the same reasons, our wine clubs are also great for wine drinkers of moderate and even very sophisticated knowledge levels. In fact, some of our early wine club members are winemakers, chefs, and winery owners. Most people don't know this, but over half the wine sold in the U.S. is made by one of three conglomerate wine producers making it generally difficult to taste true craft wines. We make it easy. We created an exclusive offer for Product Hunt that you can take advantage of by entering code PRODUCTHUNT during checking for $33 off your first shipment or just visit
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@bobfwilson Is it possible to try out Winestyr for one month before deciding on a monthly subscription?
@wwmld Yes. We borrowed the best aspects of the user experience from some of our favorite subscription businesses in other verticals. As such, we made it super easy to cancel, easy to skip shipments, and there are no contracts, etc.
@bobfwilson Awesome, thanks Robert I'll give it a try this month!
Is your Product Hunt offer still good? If so, do you mind if I feature it on our site
I like the red cork wine bottle. I'm a Rum beginner - how useful would something like this be to me?