The world’s first jewelry created using weather data

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If you want to test it with a super windy location, search for 'Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica'!
@keanetweets nice find! Bermuda is also always pretty windy!
I hope you all like what we've created! You can play with the tool here:
@aoibhod pure awesomeness!! What's the technology behind the user interface?
Super cool, @aoibhod. Where'd you come up with the idea?
Hey @rrhoover, glad to hear you like it! Initially, we were inspired by patterns in nature that change over time. We wanted to create a collection of jewellery that not only would allow each piece to be unique but would also tie in with people's personal experiences and memories. So the final piece you create is determined by the dates and places that mean the most to you.
I went through the following stages 1) That's neat it's a moving piece of jewelry 2) Oh wait it moves based on the weather..? That can't be true. 3) Ohhhh. iIt generates a different shape based on the weather of a place! That's awesome! What process is used to create the item? Is it like Shapeways?
Thanks @kristofertm! It's nice to see your thought process :) Yes, they're all created with DMLS 3d printing, and we make them in 14kt gold, sterling silver & gold-plated brass.
Hey, just wondering from a UX/UI point of view, did you initially understand that you could pause it and that's the piece which is made for you? Trying to do some usability research for it!
@aoibhod I think it's clear after you press it. Definitely more intuitive on mobile also. Beautiful idea. Will be ordering one 😊
@themarshalien Good to know, thanks!
Pretty rad concept. Do you anticipate making smaller charms for bracelets? I think I would want to collect pieces from the places I visit around the world. Just a thought!
@kodyharlin Great idea! We are already looking at doing our emoji range as bracelet charms too, so it would be cool to offer windswept charms.