See every interaction with a user across your stack

Windsor is your event feed for every user on your platform. Simply connect the services you use and experience the ease of diagnosing issues during support or development.
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Hey everyone! Thanks for hunting us @orbuch! My name is Pranay, co-founder of Windsor. We built Windsor because, as a startup founder, I love checking in on my users. Analytics tools give you dashboards with graphs and numbers, but ultimately, seeing individual flows for your users is much more important in learning what they do with your product. Further, during support, Windsor lets you see every touch point or interaction with a user across your stack. We've heard from support agents that they almost always have to triage bugs to engineers and wait hours before they can get back to a customer on the issue, but now more often than not, quickly scrolling through Windsor makes the issue obvious to them. We've already helpeing startups get better observability into their products, and finding issues they never knew existed. What will you do with Windsor?
Been using Windsor for a month and it's great. When a user reports a problem, we simply pull up Windsor and see all logs they have generated across services we use (Intercom, Stripe, Mixpanel, Sentry, Segment) It's a lot faster to debug problems like this as opposed to doing it across 5 different websites.
We're glad Windsor's been useful to you @tunde_alao πŸ™Œ
I like this because it's a simple tool to combine a bunch of services that emit all sorts of different data into one view, letting small startups get centralized observability with very little work. It's still super new, but the team is iterating on it quickly!
Very cool! Will check it out.
We love Windsor. It helps us understand our users across their entire journey and gives us visibility when something goes wrong without having to set up complex analyses and integrating different tools. Team is great and quickly reacts upon feedback! Excited to see where this is going.
@veronika_riederle Thanks for the kind words! We're glad Windsor's been useful to you πŸ™Œ