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Hello Product Hunters, My name is Taylor, Marketer at Windrush. The Windrush team and I are very excited to share The Windrush platform with the Product Hunt community! Windrush is a new platform to make it easy for any type of communicator from nonprofits to financial advising to tell their stories with data! Most data visualization tools on the market stop at charts and graphs, but the best data communication out there incorporates visualizations with text, images, video and all sorts of other content that adds context to tell the complete story. These are the types of stories you might read in the New York Times, Bloomberg or on Fivethirtyeight. With Windrush you can: - Create interactive, live updating visualizations in minutes - Pull in data from Google Drive, xlxs files, and more - Use a drag and drop editing interface to layout your page - Publish your interactive, mobile friendly page to the web with a single click Our platform was designed to provide storytellers both traditional text editing components and the tools needed to convert large or confusing spreadsheets into easily interpreted charts or graphs. By effectively visualizing data with interactive charts our users can actively engage more readers with their stories or reports. We are looking forward to answering any questions and hear feedback from the Product Hunter community! We look forward to learning your story, Taylor Zorman
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Big shoutout to Mubs for Hunting us! I am one of the founders of Windrush, and an all around data nerd, I would love to answer any questions folks might have.
This product is proof that when you assemble a talented team to tackle a problem, the result is a smart intuitive product that delivers on it's promise. Nice work team @getwindrush
@joearcuri kind words!
Windrush makes it easy to turn your boring data into cool interactive charts. Now anyone can tell compelling stories with their data!
I've always like this spin with data, which enables people to provide some narrative alongside publishing a dataviz or repository. How would you compare yourself to what Silk is doing? And, per your pricing, looks like you are enteprise-focused... how do you see yourself sitting next to the Tableau's and numerous BI tools of the world?
Thanks for the great question Ken! Windrush is all about adding context to the data you are presenting. Silk was way different when we first started out. They have since shifted closer to what we are doing, but are more focused on helping people get their data online quickly, where as we are more focused on beautiful interactive stories. Compared to Tableau and similar products, dashboards are great if you are communicating with someone also familiar with the data, but communicating outside of your organization or even department requires explaining how that data should be interpreted. Windrush is designed to be easy to integrate with existing data sources and we are always adding more. It would be great to talk about adding as a data source.
@reluctanthipstr Great to hear; yes -- totally agree that communications surrounding data/enterprise is still in the dark ages (email + csv); the back and forth is almost inevitably a productivity suck. is in early beta, but would love to check in with you guys in a few months to talk about integrations/api. We're focused on data glue/prep and are leaving the presentation, dataviz, etc. to folks like Windrush, so happy to push data your way.