WindowSwitcher for Mac

Powerful window manager application for Mac

When Mac several applications are running, with many windows open, it is difficult to manage the chaos and to work productively.

WindowSwitcher provides several tools to quickly switch and manage Mac desktop windows.

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Hello everyone, I made an interesting application that helps with the chaos of open windows Сoupon PRODUCTHUNT25
I would like to hear criticism, ideas and thoughts.
@gerasim_sergey what's new in this product? Isn't it a part of the system already? It looks like the functionality is the same to the default system behavior except for the auto-resize feature. I didn't dig deep so I may be missing something though. Judging only by the screenshots.
@zyumbik > default system behavior Do you mean Expose?
@zyumbik the difference is that you can use numbers to quickly select the desired window, close from the list, minimize windows and hide applications ... you can view all windows, only those on the current screen or only windows of the current application browse through the windows in a list, in the form of a tile (Grid) or even in 3D (12 different types) and yes, of course, you can also use swipes to place windows on the screen ...
@gerasim_sergey I mean Mission Control and Cmd + Tab thing.
@zyumbik cmd-tab only only to switch between applications ... Mission Control (Expose) IMHO is not very convenient and it can not be somehow configured, change the look, color, use the keyboard to quickly select the desired window ... In WS, I'm going to add something that is not in the standard solutions (search and switch between browser tabs) .... Thank you for your questions ... it is very important for me to understand how to position the product.
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