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#5 Product of the DayAugust 17, 2018

We want travellers to better understand and connect with the world outside their window. So we travelled 7,000km by train to find and then produce amazing stories about the things we could see. Our app delivers these stories to curious travellers at the right time and in the right way.

So far we've covered the great Thai trains. So where next?

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10 Reviews5.0/5
Downloaded and used on my holiday with wife across Thailand rail. Quality voice guides with enough interaction to keep engaged but not too much to distract from the window views. Fascinating Thailand history nuggets makes the whole place seem that much more magical!
@myanmarvr Thanks for the positive feedback, Oliver! Magical is a good word!

Great app for train travel!


Fun stories


Only for Thailand

Thanks for the review, Allison! I know its a shame we're only in Thailand for now, but we put a lot of time into developing new Window Seater trips, so its going to take a while to get the coverage we want. Next, we're thinking we'll come to Europe. What do you think?

I'm really excited to see more trains and adventures go in. I want to travel from Athens to Paris and go through Eastern Europe. Please Window Seater keep me company!


It's clear lots of love has been put into the content. Travel and adventure needs something well researched like this!


Small rollout at first. Can you hurry to do the train through Greece-Albania?

Hello Product Hunters, Richard and I are humble travellers with a philosophy for travel that we're starting to wrap products around. Basically, we want you choosing the window seat, and using the experience of travel as a way to learn about and feel more connected to the amazing world we live in. Window Seater is an idea I had when taking a train in France. A large granite bluff popped up on the horizon. I wished there was a friendly local sitting across from me that would explain what it was, and maybe share a story about it as it drifted past our train window. Fast forward a few years, and we've finally released Window Seater. Its the friendly person sitting with you on your journey, telling you some surprising stories about the amazing places outside your window. We've only built the content for rail journeys in Thailand for now. I know thats a weird choice, but thats just where we were at the time, so it was a good enough place to launch a Beta. The product is working well in Thailand, and its free for now, so if you know someone travelling there, please tell them about it! But we're launching on Product Hunt now because we're keen to know what journeys you'd like us to cover next. What countries? Trains/planes/automobiles? The scenic and historic journeys, or your everyday commute? We've found that there are compelling and surprising stories absolutely everywhere, and we're up for a challenge. So fire away! Happy travels, Pete
This sounds really cool! I've always wondered why this doesn't exist yet
@liatlangenkamp I was having the same thought while sitting on a train once in France. Having just built the content for Thailand, I believe the reason is that finding, researching, writing, and narrating the stories is too much work for the average app developer. But for people who love travel and storytelling, its actually really fun.