Window Focus

Highlight active apps & dim your screen



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What makes this different than HazeOver: ?
matt — Product Designer
@unseenvision I've been using HazeOver for well over a year and love it. No reason for me to switch.
@unseenvision also interested in eventual differences. Haze is pretty much perfect.
Maxim Ananov — Distraction Dimmer •
@unseenvision it's HazeOver knock off down to settings layout :/
Sayz Lim —
@unseenvision let’s make it easy to upvote HazeOver too:
Ton — Mac'aholic
These FIBLAB'ers keep delivering nice handy Mac apps that either speed up your productivity or totally ruin it. This one is in the first category. Pretty cool!
Emily Laguna — Developer, FIPLAB Ltd
@t55 Thanks for the kind words, we had a lot of fun developing this.
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