Window Focus

Highlight active apps & dim your screen

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Patrick Thompson
What makes this different than HazeOver: https://hazeover.com ?
@t55 · Mac'aholic
These FIBLAB'ers keep delivering nice handy Mac apps that either speed up your productivity or totally ruin it. This one is in the first category. Pretty cool!
Sean Zhu
@sfzhu · UC Berkeley
Great app idea, but hasn't the free & open-source app Isolator been doing this for the past 10 years? brew cask install isolator http://willmore.eu/software/isol...
Mark Donne
Just purchased it from the App Store and I'm already in love with it. Looking forward to using this on my laptop!
Paula Shin
Does anyone knows a similar one for windows? :) Is it even possible to make a port or only MAC gives this kind of control?