Window Focus

Highlight active apps & dim your screen

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What makes this different than HazeOver: ?
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@unseenvision I've been using HazeOver for well over a year and love it. No reason for me to switch.
@unseenvision also interested in eventual differences. Haze is pretty much perfect.
@unseenvision it's HazeOver knock off down to settings layout :/
@unseenvision let’s make it easy to upvote HazeOver too:
Great app idea, but hasn't the free & open-source app Isolator been doing this for the past 10 years? brew cask install isolator
These FIBLAB'ers keep delivering nice handy Mac apps that either speed up your productivity or totally ruin it. This one is in the first category. Pretty cool!
@t55 Thanks for the kind words, we had a lot of fun developing this.
Just purchased it from the App Store and I'm already in love with it. Looking forward to using this on my laptop!
Does anyone knows a similar one for windows? :) Is it even possible to make a port or only MAC gives this kind of control?